The Rain Is Here

Now that we are starting to see the rain again it is time to perform a few simple but important maintanance tasks on your home.

Get a gas appliance safety inspection from PG&E.  This is a free service they provide. The sooner you schedule it the sooner they will come out.  Don’t wait until the weather gets cold.  Once that happens PG&E will get backed up and it may take a few weeks before they can get to you. You can schedule the inspection by going to and click on “My Account” or you can call 1-800 PGE-5000

Change your furnace filter.  When you go to the store get yourself at least 2 filters and change them at least every 2-3 months during the Fall and Winter months. Filters are graded by an efficiency rating number.  The higher the number, the better the filter quality.  So make sure to purchase at least a #7 rated filter. For ”how to” instructions just go to You Tube.  There are lots of good videos.

Have your heating ducts cleaned by a professional. It’s amazing how so many people have never had those ducts cleaned.  Imagine what kind of stuff could be living in the ducts after 5, 10 or even 20 years.  This can help rid you of unwanted allergens and also detect any problems such as leaks or damage from rodents etc. Professionals recommend cleaning every 5 to 7 years.  There is the “Negative Pressure” method which is basically a huge vacuum cleaner. There is also the brush/vacuum system where a brush is fed into the ducts followed closely behind by a vacuum.

CLEAN those gutters! Water is one of the most damaging forces to a home.  Clogged and slow draining gutters can saturate the wooden roof parts and cause dry rot, fungus and attract termites.  This can cost you a lot of money later.

Make sure water from the gutter down spouts is directed away from your home. There are inexpensive ways to do this such as splash blocks and flexible piping.  Water that drains into the ground near the foundation can cause excessive settling of the house.

If you need personal help figuring out what I talked about above, just call me.  I’m very happy to talk with you about your home.  These things are simple to do and not expensive but can save you thousands of dollars in later repairs.

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